Why You Need A Killer High-Five in Your Back Pocket


Not to be taken (or given, for that matter) lightly, high-fives can make or break your reputation. Just like a good old fashion handshake, your high-five says a lot about you.
Aside from the obvious “cool factor,” there are so many great reasons to step up your high five game. Let’s count ‘em, why don’t we? Wait, what?!? You’ve got all five fingers up? Oh yeah, you’re ready.

  1. Not everyone likes to hug it out. High-fives are the perfect alternative for those who want to share in the celebrations but like their personal space.
  2. A fiver speaks for itself; it’s universal. Everyone gets the message loud (if done properly) and clear.
  3. High-fives are classic. Unlike slang, which changes “erryday,” high fives are always on fleek.
  4. High-fives are more hygienic and spread about half the germs as handshakes. If you’re in the thick of cold and flu season, you may even want to switch up your five and go with a fist bump.
  5. When you pull off a top-notch high-five, you feel good, the person you five feels good, and the people around you feel good. #goodvibrations

In case you decide to make fiving a regular part of your jam, here are a few lessons I’ve learned, some the hard way:

  1. Really commit. When you initiate a high-five, make sure you give just the right amount of notice to your intended recipient. Put your hand up too soon and you might get an awkward wave in return; too late, and you jeopardize proper follow through.
  2. Keep your arm still if you instigate the five. Remember that your hand is the target for your fellow fiver.
  3. Stay calm. If someone’s throwing a five up there, you’re guaranteed to increase your odds of nailing it if you stare at their elbow. Once you master hitting the target, you can start to play with the amount of pressure you put into your swing in order to find your sound sweet spot (the five’s clap).
  4. Everybody bombs sometimes. If you deliver a high four, three, two, or one, keep walking and don’t look back. If you totally flake and miss a five, fake it ‘til you make it and act like it was totally intentional. If you’re really good, you can throw in a little swagger head nod and finger pistol.
  5. Don’t leave ‘em hangin’. It takes some big balls to bail on a five so if you do decide to go that route, make sure you have a pair. If you do throw a five up and get left hangin’, you’d better be able to handle a little shade; after all, no means no, no matter what.

Once you’re down with a little hand action, it’s time to take things next level. If my seven-year-old can craft her own five (it’s pretty badass, btw), surely you can put a little spin on yours, too.

  1. Going solo. When you throw down some awesome, but no one’s there to five so you take matters into your own hands.
  2. Nothin’ but air. Throwin’ that five from afar. Perfect for when your fiving partner is across the room (or cold and flu season is keepin’ things real).
  3. The top gun. Take it high, take it low, and then, just like Maverick and Goose, you’re just gonna keep on walking. //giphy.com/embed/sSzCDRnOMaq3K?html5=truevia GIPHY
  4. Go low. Sometimes the situation calls for something a little more discrete, and that’s when you break out a nice and subtle low five**.
  5. The perfect 10. A flawlessly executed five that leaves everyone around you in awe. When it happens, you’ll know**.

Now you see why I’m all “high-five, yo!” So do me a favour, or better yet, do yourself a favour, and throw your hand up in the air like you just don’t care.


*Not every situation is high-five material. Bathrooms and funerals top the list, but others do exist, so use your judgement accordingly.
**Even the best of the best high-fives can carry consequences. Just ask Toronto Blue Jay Russell Martin. Yikes!

3 thoughts on “Why You Need A Killer High-Five in Your Back Pocket

  1. Omg, I’m crying over hear! Your wit & way with words, never ceases to amaze me! I can’t wait for some more! High Five from afar! 👋🏻💕

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